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Cultiv Consulting, LLC offers business consulting services to help entrepreneurs navigate through the complex industrial hemp industry.

Founded by an attorney, Cultiv Consulting, LLC offers comprehensive business solutions to help hemp companies navigate the new and complex requirements of the hemp industry. 


Cultiv Consulting, LLC is committed to seeing you flourish. Helping new businesses launch, we are your advisor in the hemp industry. We work with hemp entrepreneurs to obtain licenses and permits, optimize facility design, standardize operations, and maximize business development. United by their love and respect for the plant, Cultiv has all the right professionals on staff, guiding your hemp business from start to launch with support for ongoing compliance to legally operate in the industry.


Cultiv Consulting, LLC is a member of the Hemp Industries Association and the Tennessee state chapter of the HIA.


The growing hemp industry means an abundance of new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and Cultiv Consulting, LLC is ready to help you get involved. 

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APR 2, 2019

5 Business Ideas to Make Money in Hemp Without Growing or Selling It

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